It begins with the land, a lush palette summoned from nature that celebrates a desert in bloom. Then, there are the skies that stretch forever, under which various cultures have woven together a vibrant coexistence for centuries. Welcome to Scottsdale.

Incentives Meetings & Conferences

In ancient times, tribal elders in the Southwest met in kivas, rounded rooms sunken into the earth, where important decisions were made that played a vital role in the tribe’s well-being. Though times and customs have changed, meetings are no less important. Business and pleasure merit the same attention to detail. This makes the sun-drenched city an ideal destination capable of delivering both successful meetings and coveted incentive programmes.

The colorful cultures that give the Southwest its signature flavour have, fortunately, left an indelible mark on Scottsdale’s more than 600 restaurants. Here, the influences of Native America, Latin and Western-style cooking and ingredients have created a mouthwatering mélange of dishes, accented by indigenous and international elements. There is an endless menu of global dimensions.

With ample, state-of-the-art meeting space and business centres, and premium accommodations and services, Scottsdale is a smart investment for meeting planners and event specialists. And when bottom line gives way to downtime, Scottsdale is impressive, offering legendary golf courses, spas and a myriad of other one-of-a-kind diversions, from hot air ballooning to kayaking to jeeping, cowboy round ups, winery tours, old ghost towns and a lot more.

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